New Derby Boy Video Poker Machine - A Critical Review

New Derby Boy Video Poker Machine – A Critical Review

Although many people enjoy visiting casinos to play the various slots, there are numerous gaming machines available for use at home. These machines are imported primarily from Japanese casinos and then factory refurbished for home use. They are known as video poker machines.

Gaming at Home

Owning a New Derby Boy Video Poker Machine at home is a good idea. The machine plugs into the user’s wall with no installation required and they are 110 volt ready. Each machine comes with a two-year warranty that covers everything but the light bulbs. There is a key that provides complete access to the machine, and a reset switch key allows the odds to be changed. Assistance comes in the form of a basic operating manual and technical support by phone. The technical support by phone usefully provides help with tending to the machine if there are any hiccups.


Each machine has custom made labels that help with locating the reset switch, power, and volume controls without having to check the manual. The New Derby Boy Video poker Machine only accepts tokens–not coins. There is an LCD screen and animated displays that flash lights brilliantly when a player wins. At key times in the game, the animated display shows different graphics that differ with each title. Each machine features full light and sound displays when the game is being played, resembling the real casino experience. There is toll free customer support, which provides invaluable service to the customer and answers all queries about the machine.

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Before being prepared for sale, the machines go through a series of tests to ensure the proper safety, functioning and cleanliness of the machines. The inner parts are cleaned and there is also an electrical overhauling of the machines. By the time these poker machines go on sale, they are beyond ready to be enjoyed.