Different Terms In Football Betting You Should Be Aware Of

Different Terms In Football Betting You Should Be Aware Of

The online football betting is on the rise due to the upcoming football world cup in Russia. So many people are moving from other online gambling games and other sports bets to football bets. If you are new to football betting even though you know the game of football inside out, you need to know certain terms used in football betting.

Different Technical Terms Associated with Football Betting

Accumulator – It is a collection of single bets clubbed together, and each of the bets needs to come off to win. Since each of the bets needs to be correct, it is risky, but the reward is equally high.

Stake – It is the most common term, and it represents the money you put in each bet. In other words, it is the money you can lose if the bet does not happen as expected.

Handicap – When one team is sure to be the winner, handicap comes into. The handicap bet has to go to the underdog team, and the reward is higher as the chances of the underdog team scoring first or winning the match are low.

Half Time – In this bet, you bet on which team will win the first half or the second half. Basically, the full match is divided into two and bets are placed accordingly. You can place two bets simultaneously, and you can bet on draw outcomes.

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Scorecast – It is one of the most popular football bets where one can bet on the player who is likely to score the first goal in the match. Along with that, you can predict the correct score at the end of the game.

Wincast – It is a modified version of the scorecast where you can bet on the player who is likely to score in the game and also predict the winning team of the game.

90-Minute Betting – Since a lot of people bet on the players, if the player does not make an appearance within the first 90 minutes of the game, such a bet will be void. It is a common rule in any resmi site.

DNB – Draw No Bet is a popular term where you get your money back if the outcome is a draw.

Double Chance – If you pick a winner and if it turns out to be true or if the game happens to be a draw, you still win.

Keep these terms in mind, and it will help you to bet better.