Poker At Home vs In Casino

Poker At Home vs In Casino

Poker At Home vs In Casino – Is Placing Bets Really So Different?

For the inexperienced player, they may think playing Poker at home vs in casino may offer very little in the way of change. How could it have any major differences when one is just playing the same game online?

Playing Poker at home vs in casino type scenarios over the internet differ in structure. A lot of Poker players that now play their games over the internet at online casinos would have originally started playing home games with buddies. The structure of these home games is pretty straight forward. Everyone agrees on an amount to put into the pot before the game commences say for example, $0.25, and the players involved have a structure in place dictating the range of the bets and raises, for example from a minimum bet of $0.25 up to a maximum bet of $2.00 for each round.

These games played at home generally consist of the ‘Bet’ or the amount the player intends to wager whilst playing the hand, a ‘Call’ which is where the player matches the previous bet, or a ‘Raise’ if he wants to raise or increase his bet. There is a bit of skill involved, but by and large quite a bit of luck as usually the player with the best hand is the one that wins.

With online casino betting, there is no ante, or equal player stakes placed in the pot before the game begins, instead a ‘Blind’ bet is imposed. This means for example when playing Texas Hold’em that the first player to the dealers left posts a ‘Small’ blind, with the next player to their left, posting a ‘Big’ blind. The bet and the player are both called either the big blind, or the small blind.

If playing a ‘ heads-up’ game where there are only two players, the dealer is the small blind and the other the big blind. Normally speaking, the big blind will equate to the minimum stake with the small blind half of the minimum stake. The betting structure between Poker at home vs online casino Poker varies also, but this is one of the first things that the online player needs to familiarize themselves with.