So What Is The Best Food For Poker Night Consumption

So What Is The Best Food For Poker Night Consumption

So What Is The Best Food For Poker Night Consumption – Any Ideas?

Who wouldn’t like to have the best food for poker night available at their regular weekly event, everyone would right? Well if that be the case it’s not going to magically appear, sorry to say. If one wishes to be the host with the most, some thought and preparation will be required. So what options are available especially if there’s no female or professional expertise available to lend a helping hand?

It’s possible the host may be wanting to lay on the very best food for Poker night evolving around a one off high stakes game, or even home tournament, with the food being so darn out of this world all the players being so incredibly satisfied and relaxed wouldn’t dare call the hosts bluff! Interesting angle to consider perhaps, eh? Nah, let’s try to keep to some conventional ideas that suit and fit everyone’s taste and pocket.

Firstly, it’s good to consider the guys that are being invited, do they all pretty much go for the same kind of thing? Perhaps some like hot and spicy where others don’t. Everyone needs to be catered for. The host certainly doesn’t need any stomachs rumbling, it might distract them from their game!

Looking at appetizers, trays of meats, vegetables and cheeses can easily be prepared to pass round the table. Other dishes can also be added to this such as pasta salads, coleslaw, 3 bean salads and potato salad.

Be mindful of messy things like buffalo wings or barbequed meats and sauces that may present a hazard, not to mention getting the cards all sticky.

Good quality paper plates should be made available, and the type that don’t bend when overladen with food to avoid spillages. Strong re-usable plastic cutlery along with plenty of napkins too should be provided for guests also making for light work with easy disposal at the games end.

Other best food for Poker night consumption as well as the staple tidbits of pretzels, peanuts, chips, and nachos with accompanying hot and mild salsa dips, would be sandwiches, tacos and pizza slices. Of course if one just wanted to chill out, there’s always the good old tried and trusted takeaway, now there’s a thought!