Rule Of Poker – Online Discipline, Stick To Your Game Plan

Rule Of Poker - Online Discipline, Stick To Your Game Plan

This rule of poker focus’s on your patience and discipline.

  1. The speed of online poker is phenomenal.

Computers drive the game and their Programs carry out the duties of casino dealers and pit bosses.

The computer program counts the chips, deals the cards, works out the stakes, posts your blinds and even folds your hand if you take a short break. This has the affect of driving the game forward at the speed of light.

My sixth rule of poker explains some effects of this speed:

* If you hit a bad run of luck, you can easily ‘tilt’ (emotional and reckless play). And believe me, an online tilt is not pretty. Remember your virtual chips? (and how they don’t seem real) Well online they can disappear in a heartbeat. Start chasing your money and you will turn this bad run into a disaster. This has happened to me several times. I’ve learned that the only way to overcome it is to ‘log off’.

Leave the game, “so you had a bad day”, “big deal”.

Remember my fifth rule of poker; look at the results over a month.

SEE, you are still ‘UP’. Now don’t blow it just because some sucker keeps drawing out on you, or you’ve had two or three high pocket pairs busted.

Don’t see RED. Stick to my sixth rule of poker and keep your cool.

The main reason for keeping cool is that the pendulum always swings both ways.

* Online you will have some great rushes (winning streaks), when this happens you must hang in there. Play your rushes out and make the most of them. This is the reason we play poker; it’s the real buzz.

This buzz is even sweeter if you have taken my advice and pulled out of a loosing game on the previous day.

You are adding to your bankroll, not recouping yesterdays loses. So Keeping to my sixth rule of poker makes sense.

* The pace of online poker is so fast that it’s addictive. You can easily get lost in a game. You look up and find that four or five hours have gone by.

I am constantly hearing online players bragging about 12 or 24-hour poker sessions. They are either playing psychological games with you, or more often than not, they are just being foolish.

Do not play long sessions. You simply cannot play your ‘A game’ over such long periods.

Set a goal for the session, for example you may decide to set a time limit, or play until you treble your ‘buy in’. Or you could choose to play three stt’s, or two mtt’s.

If you find yourself saying “just another half hour”, or “one more round”, it’s probably time to apply my sixth rule of poker, stick to your game plan and log off.

After all online poker is very accessible, it will still be there in a couple of hours or the next day.

Use my sixth rule of poker, have a game plan.

  1. Ok you’ve been playing online for a month or so. You are really having fun, but playing just one table doesn’t seem enough anymore.

You forget that the action is already probably three or four times faster than in a live poker game (this is the attraction of online poker, the tables seem to be full of ‘adrenalin junkies’, these players would never be able to handle the slow pace of a live game).

Please try to play one table at a time. You cannot play at your peak with only 50% concentration ( the only exeption to this is playing MTT’s, as you play far less hands in the large tourneys and they take maybe four to five hours of play).

To be honest though, if you are applying all my rules of poker and poker strategy, there won’t be time for more than one game.

You will be too busy taking notes on players, looking for their betting patterns and building your book. You will be looking for opportunities to capitalise on the poor play of your ‘fish’.

In fact, my rules of poker are a great way to keep your mind stimulated and fully focused on the game.