Rule Of Poker – By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail

Rule Of Poker - By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail

Anyone can learn poker strategies to help them win, but not everyone becomes a long-term winner!

Online poker is so accessible that almost anyone can play (and they do). Now this is a key point. Most of them can’t be bothered to learn properly, they play ‘recreationally’.

There’s nothing wrong with being a recreational player, just don’t expect to be a long-term winner.

My first rule of poker is that you simply must get an advantage over these casino players, these players will be your ‘life’s blood’. They are your fish and believe me there’s thousands of them swimming around out there, and they’re growing in number by the day.

“I could talk all day about poker strategy but it’s not going to be very helpful”.

Does that statement shock you?

Well, please don’t be alarmed.

Yes, you must know all the angles.

Yes, learning the basic strategies of poker is fundamental to being a winner.

However in my rules of poker you will learn that the basic poker strategy represents maybe only half of a long term winning poker formula. More than 50% of poker players have a good grounding in poker strategy, but less than 10% are winners in the long run. Add to this the fact that there is already a ton of excellent work written on the subject, and you may understand why I am first concentrating on the other 50% (how to be a long term winner).

My rules of poker will always be a work in progress. So as we progress through the series you WILL find lots of poker strategy and more importantly, ONLINE poker strategy and FREE advice.

If you haven’t already done so, you must first gain an understanding of basic poker strategy in my first rule of poker and on this subject alone, I will simply point you in the right direction.

But then don’t just dive in. Learn the rest of my rules of poker.

Trust me on this one. In the long run they are MORE IMPORTANT.

Anyone can learn poker strategies to help them win, but not everyone becomes a long-term winner:

  1. Read two or three top strategy books

Check out your local library or visit the Poker Books & Software page for our recommendations.

Another great place to start is at a poker school. I have seen a few poor schools in my search, but you must check this one out

This school is run by and has expert views from Mike Caro, Lou Krieger, Daniel Negreanu and Jennifer Harmon. The Poker School is well laid out, includes articles and tests, and more significantly has ongoing poker tournament competitions.

  1. Make sure you check out our Poker Forum

It has fantastic freeroll tournaments & poker leagues. And check out the Poker Site Reviews these recomended card rooms are all major league online poker sites. This means you’ll have plenty of juicy tables and lots of ‘fish’ to choose from.

I’ll explain more about game selection later, but for now just understand that if you play on a small site it’s very tempting to get involved in an unprofitable game simply because it’s the only one available.

  1. Start playing for low limits or fun money

Even if you understand poker, it helps to get a feel for the speed of play and the basic graphic controls.

Please be aware that playing for fun money is very different from the real thing. Players simply don’t care when there is nothing to loose.

This is the main reason why instigated our own Quality Poker Leagues & we now host many private free Poker Tournaments for our developing members.

So at the poker rooms I would advise that you just use the Fun money games to orientate yourself, then move on to low limit poker.