Rule Of Poker – Choose The Best Game, Fish In All The Right Places

Rule Of Poker - Choose The Best Game, Fish In All The Right Places
  1. Before we discuss choosing a game, I’d like to put in a quick word about choosing an Online Poker Room.

In my opinion it makes sense to go with a major player. There are a large number of online poker sites that simply do not make the grade. My third rule of poker states that a good online poker site needs to have the following:

  • Excellent Customer Services. You need to be able to get help when required, and the site must have good facilities for depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • The larger the site the better. It’s an advantage to have a good choice of games available.

Generally speaking, having more players on a site means that you will be able to choose a game with sub-standard players, without this choice it’s very tempting to join a game that’s unprofitable. Don’t do it.

It’s also a good thing to remain inconspicuous, you don’t want players to have too much fear playing against you, and you want them playing their natural game.

  • The site must provide both; play money games and a good level of free tournaments. My third rule of poker says that this is a ‘must’. They simply should always give something back to the players.
  • As you improve your game you will be attracted to multi table tournaments (mtt’s). These games probably provide the best value for money from online play. So make sure that your site has mtt’s with a high or guaranteed prize pool.

Also make sure that there is a varied timetable of satellite tournaments (satellites are small tourneys that you play in to win a seat at a large tournament).

  • Don’t be restricted to one poker site. Use two or maybe three sites, this is for the same reasons explained in B). I try to alternate sites on a weekly basis (a good fisherman varies his streams, so he does’nt frighten the fish ;-).
  1. If you are new to online poker, I would advise you to steer clear of cash games for the time being (especially the no-limit versions).

Stick initially to the single table tournaments (stt’s), as they offer the greatest value for money and the less risk

(no…I went straight for the tables with the most profit, and found that it’s the same place they store the biggest loses 🙂

A key part of my third rule of poker is always observing the game before entering. Use your strategy skills to determine whether the game is profitable

(make this a habit, you will find that over time your skill and discipline in this area will grow and become invaluable).

If you know that some players are better than you, DON’T join. I know it’s tempting but there’s always a game you can beat (on the same site or one of your other’s) so ‘beat it’.

The average online player simply logs onto a site and quickly goes to his/her favourite game and limit. This player then enters the waiting list for all the games at that level and plays the first one that becomes available, and maybe the next two as well.

IT’S MADNESS. Would you go to a live casino and do the same thing? Keep your discipline and stick to my third rule of poker.

The game can also change very quickly toto 4d online, so be prepared to leave if the standard or style of play changes.

This point also works in your favour.

As players often come and go , it means you have time to wait and watch tables. Study the games and the players, you have time to choose how to play and where on the table that you wish to sit.

Once you have a strategy you can move in, and you move in with a goal in mind, and a plan. You don’t go in like a ‘blind fool’, stick to my third rule of poker

Also watch out for a more profitable game that may become available.

Above all, my third rule of poker is to be patient and choose the best game available. It’s as important to choose the right game, as it is to learn poker strategy.

Do not play in games that you might win. Play in games that you probably will win.