Wanna Watch the “Poker Night” Movie?

Wanna Watch the "Poker Night" Movie?

Wanna Watch the “Poker Night” movie? Then Maybe Read This First!

Before watching a movie because the title sounds good, it’s a good idea to check out some of the reviews from the film critics. Two thumbs or even three to be on the safe side is a smart move, as nobody likes to waste an evening watching something that is rather dire and then having to discuss it with friends afterwards, making it an even more depressing experience. So it is with the recently released Poker Night movie.

This Poker Night movie, should come with a warning stamped on it, something along the lines of “If you think this might be a fun movie, then think again!” Directed by Greg Francis, this alleged twisty thriller is a story about a cop and his weekly Poker game reminiscences. These he uses for inspiration as now he has to escape the clutches of a serial killer.

Okay, so it’s not a comedy then, so much for some light hearted entertainment with the guys. Is it any good then? Well, experienced Poker players all know frequently when playing the game, one of hardest things to do is admitting defeat, yeah throwing in one’s cards. Everyone hates to admit defeat, however this one little reality, seems to be lost upon aspiring screenwriter and director Greg Francis.

His movie debut ups the ante to the point where it loses all credibility and cohesion ent22. This cop thriller is an ultimate mash shop but does provide some clever twists and turns, and does give some of the talented character actors the opportunity to strut their stuff. Unfortunately it’s all to no avail though, as Poker Night eventually deals the movie goer a losing hand.

If one sometime gets a bit indecisive about how to play their hand it might be a good idea to spend one’s free time better, putting a good strategy together. Maybe Greg Francis should have likewise spent a little more time and thought before delivering his Poker Night movie to the screens, seems highly unlikely it will be a box office success. Where’s Kenny Rogers when you need him? Might have been an idea to use him in some executive consultancy capacity, maybe knows more about successful Poker movies, perhaps?