Interesting Poker Facts For Poker Players

Interesting Poker Facts For Poker Players

Interesting Poker Facts For Poker Players Who Wants To Know More

There are many interesting Poker facts surrounding the game. For a new player, it may be a nice break from trying to learn all the rules and may just even add a bit of spice to the on going proceedings.

A lot of Poker players are happily unaware of the origins of where the word Poker came from. In fact going back to the 16th century, it’s meaning was that of a metal rod!

When it comes to where the game’s name actually came from, the French say it was from a card game that was played in France many years ago called ‘Poque’, however the German’s heavily dispute this saying that both Poker and Poque emanated from the German card game called ‘Pochen’.

In 1429, when Christopher Columbus arrived on these shores, it is recorded that Columbus and his men entertained themselves by playing the first ever game of Poker. They drew pictures on some large leaves and presumably used these for cards. Perhaps this is where the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ came from!

Now that the game has travelled the world, it appears that each country has it’s own version and there are now around 125 variants of Poker, currently in existence.

In terms of TV Ratings for sports and games, Poker comes third after Football and Car Racing.

In the United States over a quarter of the population play Poker, be it sporadically or frequently. In addition, one out of every three games is played for real money.

The chances of being dealt the very same cards twice in a lifetime is in excess of one in two and a half million, even if one played the game 20 times a day, they’d have to have discovered the fountain of eternal youth for this to occur!

Among the interesting Poker facts on record is that many a game has been played at The White House. Almost 20 U.S. Presidents regularly played the game including Warren G. Harding, Dwight Eisenhower and the infamous Richard Nixon. Nixon would frequently make reference to his Poker skills in his campaign endorsements. During his first 60 days in the Navy, he took $6,000 off his crew mates. Adding this to additional prize money he had previously accrued, he was able to finance his successful campaign in 1946!