A Few Established Facts About Poker & The History Of Poker Chips

A Few Established Facts About Poker & The History Of Poker Chips

When a player goes online to play his favorite game or even in to a land based casino, the last thing that would be on his mind would be the history of Poker chips. He would be wanting to be sure he had enough cash available to him for this very special evening especially if involved in a high dollar tournament.

That said, it is a question that ponders the mind fleetingly every now and then and the history of Poker chips when reflected upon takes one back in time to days gone by somewhere back in the 1800’s.

It was at this time that gaming chips not only came in different shapes and sizes, but were also made out of different materials too. These were all designed to track ones winnings. Players back in these good old days didn’t have neatly engraved clay chips or even plastic chips which didn’t come around until the 20th century, players would use any valuable object that they could muster even jagged pieces of gold just as long as they weren’t too large.

Plastic chips were to come along much later, along with such materials used today such as acrylic composite and clay composite. Clay chips can actually be traced back to the later 1800’s, but going back to earlier times these were simply not available.

As well as using small gold trinkets in the early 1800’s they would also use more basic kind of chips made out of wood but nothing too fancy at that time, oh no. Chip designs and the likes with smooth edges, really played no prominence to the players of this era and carried little significance in their thinking. They were just in attendance to play their game of Poker, accompanied by some late night drinking whilst on their quest to conquer the table, perhaps not too much has changed, after all!