Get More Comps Than You Expected

Get More Comps Than You Expected

To get the most out of casino loyalty or rewards programs, it is not enough that you play smart, select the games where the house edge is most in your favor, and turn “theoretical loss” to your advantage. There are also practical things you can do to rack up rewards points more speedily.

First of all do not be afraid to ask. Since no casino can yet reckon loyalty credits in real time – just after you have left a poker table after hours of play, for example – your rewards points have yet to be updated. So it cannot hurt to drop by the rewards club desk to inquire what your latest point total is and what that entitles you to.

If you visit that casino with some regularity, secondly, you may also try an inquiry with the floor host. They wield the “power of the pen” and can approve perks over and above what the rewards policy permits.

Third, do learn all you can how the rewards program works. If a casino flyer or mailer mentions rebates or “cash back”, find out what rate they offer. This varies widely, from as little as 0.1 percent to as much as 10 percent. Check as well whether your rewards points can be redeemed separately for cash back and comps points. Some casinos are nice enough to reward you with a rebate for losses before you leave and still count your activity towards accumulating those precious comps points.

Fourth, do your part to “comply” with the spirit of the loyalty program. Sure, it is fun to spend your holiday taking in the entertainment offers, service and ambience of different casinos. But if, like most patrons, you have a minimum to middling bankroll, you wind up with little perks but nothing substantial in the long run. Earning a comp buffet dinner here and a $10 dollar rebate there just does not compare to racking up thousands of rewards points to get VIP treatment, be entitled to a comp suite next time or earn that dream vacation a year or two down the road.

Fifth, take advantage of hosted visits. Try charging your meals and even purchases at casino outlets to your room account. By the end of your stay, your host might just foot your whole room bill. Or the assigned casino host might see that you have put in enough total play to get your meals and purchases written off as earned comps.

Sixth, time your trips to take advantage of offers you get in the mail. The bigger casino chains can be generous with such perks as bonus cash, bonus slot club points, free meals, complimentary tournament entry, room nights and more but restrict redemption to certain dates. If you have been waiting to redeem a rebate voucher or air fare comp anyway, you could combine all these offers on one trip and really pile up the privileges.

Remember, the whole point of rewards programs is that casinos like to take care of their worthwhile patrons and encourage them to keep coming back. So, your perks will keep getting better the longer you stay, the more of your total play you do in your favorite casino and the better the rewards programs program you have chosen.