Recommendations For Cigars When Playing Poker

Recommendations For Cigars When Playing Poker

Recommendations For Cigars When Playing Poker – Fancy A Smoke?

Amongst the younger Poker crowd that like to accompany their Poker nights at home with smoking cigars, Swisher Sweets Black seems to be a particular favorite.

The combination of both fire cured tobaccos and air create a sweet taste, and the aroma doesn’t overpower like some other cigars around, they are also favorably priced as well, being at the lower end of the market.

This makes them perfect for the young Poker player whose bankroll constantly goes up and down and has more fluctuations than when playing the Dow Jones Industrial average.

On the other hand if one has more of a tendency to run with the high rollers that smoke, Kristoff GC Signature or Don Diego’s will likely be preferred. The more sophisticated player will probably have a penchant for the Kristoff GC Signature Series.

These high end cigars come in a variety of different top grade wrappers containing various blends of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos. whereas Don Diego will suit those who like a mellow and smooth taste which is more mid to high end priced.

Back in 2005, Paul McKinney won the World Series of Poker Seniors Event. This stokie smoking senior, who listed smoking, moonshine and young women as some of his other favorite hobbies, had leanings towards King Edwards, although others reported him smoking Phillies. Either or, it certainly didn’t diminish his concentration as he walked off with a tidy little nest egg of $202,725, puffing away as he left!

Wouldn’t it be nice to do the same enjoying one’s Poker, even if not a winner? One may not be able to sit in some favorite casino and smoke at the table like in the olden days, but that doesn’t necessarily have to stop one from lighting up a cigar when the game’s concluded. Not to forget Poker nights at home with the buddies.

For these occasions here are some recommendations: Ashton Cabinet Selection, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, LA Flor Dominicana Premium Line and Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro. Feeling like a big shot? Watch how smoking one of these really relaxes the player and helps them get into the winning groove, it certainly won’t hurt the confidence, why not try one and see!